A very fast & very simple game for iOS.

Got a second?

Of course you do! Heck, you've spent 50 seconds just looking at this page. If you'd spent that time playing StopTap you could've enjoyed approximately 100 games already!*
* (Depending on how fast you are.)

StopTap is the most fun you can pack into a microsecond. Go for your fastest time in the super-simple single-button mode or challenge yourself with the grid. Stop wasting precious seconds and go get StopTap on the App Store now!

Two Modes

No Ads
Not now. Not ever.

Time Share
Faster fingers than your friends? Boast via built-in sharing.

Game Over?
Never! Tap, tap, repeat.

StopTap is available exclusively for iOS and requires iOS 8.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.